Pipe & Fittings

Ductile Iron Pipes


Standard: ISO 2531 & BS EN545 (for potable water application) BS EN598 (for sewage application)

Diameter: DN80-DN2600mm

Length: 5.5m--6m

Pipe wall thickness: K7/K8/K8/K12/C40, /C30/C25

Joint Type: Tyton / push-on joint, K type / mechanical joint, self-anchored / restrained joint

Gasket : SBR, EPDM, NBR


Internal: 1). Portland cement mortar lining

2). Sulphate Resistant cement mortar lining

3). High-Aluminum cement mortar lining

4). Fusion bonded epoxy

5). Ceramic epoxy

6). polyurethane

Internal: 1). Zinc with finishing layer of bituminous paint

2). Zinc with finishing layer of liquid epoxy painting

3). Zinc-Aluminum alloy plus liquid epoxy painting

4). Polyurethane

The coating can be accordance with customers’ requirements.